How To Create A Strong And Easy To Remember Password?

Strong And Easy To Remember Password

A strong password is very important to protect all our online accounts. Sometimes we create a strong password but can’t remember it. Here in this article, I am going to tell you How To Create A Strong And Easy To Remember Password? So let’s start…

Creating a strong password is very easy if you follow the following rules you can easily create the strongest password which is very hard to crack. So let’s understand how to create a strong password…

  • The password should be more than 15 characters.
  • Use letter number and symbols to create a password.
  • Use upper case and lower case both letter in the password.
  • Don’t use your name mobile number or any personal information as the password.
  • Don’t use common words as the password.

If you follow all the above rules you can easily create a strong password. But creating a strong password is not the big deal. You cannot easily remember the password which is more than 12 characters and contains letters, number and symbols. It’s very complicated to remember. Now the point is how can create strong a password which is easy to remember.

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How To Create A Strong And Easy To Remember Password?

There are serval ways or tricks to create and remember the strongest password. So take a look at some ways.

1.  Create a password with the short form of the sentence: To create a password with this method, first of all, You need to take one sentence which you can easily remember and create the password by taking the first character of every word.

Example: “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power” with this sentence you can create the following passwords.

TpCbC_tFiYiYp – First character of every word in upper and lower case respectively. You can also add some symbols or numbers in this.

TP(bC_tF!Y!UrP – Here I take a bracket for C one time, ! for i  and Ur for your.

That’s how you can create a password with a short form of the sentence. It’s on your creativity how you design a password.

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2. Use special symbols for the words: In this method, You need to use a special character for words like you can use 0 for O, ! for I and H for #

For ex: If your password is Featured, You can make it as Fe@TuR6d. 

3. Use the same pattern everywhere: In this method, you have to set any fixed pattern make little changes for another website.

For ex: If your pattern is &%$#76G%

Now for facebook &F%A$C#E7B6OGO%& For Instagram I&N%S$T#A7G6RGA%M

You can use this method to create a password. This is very safe and convenient to use.

4. Use of Password Manager: Here you don’t need to remember the password. The password manager is one type of software which save all your passwords in encrypted form and it will suggest you the strongest password in real time.

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There are lots of Password Manager some of them paid and some are free. If you are the pro person you can buy the password manager like LastPass or you use the free password manager like Avira Password Manager

I hope you like all the methods to create Strong And Easy To Remember Password. If you like this article please share this with your friends. If you have any question please comment below.

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