Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) Explained! How SSHD works?

Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

What is Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

SSHD stands for Solid State Hybrid Drive.  SSHD is one type of storage devices like HDD or SSD. In simple words. it is the combination on both HDD or SSD. it is one type of traditional Hard Disk Drive with the small amount of SSD storage in it like if you have 1 TB of SSHD in your laptop then the 16 to 32 GB of SSD storage is already build in it and other storage space is of traditional HDD, In SSHD part of SSD storage use Just to save your operating system and some frequently used files.

Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

SSHD is a combination of SSD and HDD. it uses SSD for lightning speed and HDD for high capacity and reliability. Solid State Hybrid Drive has high performance and it is also cost saving. it is best for the people who want to build high-performance pc and also need more storage but their budget is low.

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The advantage of using SSHD is SSHD has high performance than traditional Hard Disk Drive and It is cheaper than Solid State Drive.

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How SSHD works?

SSHD technology work by using the small amount of NAND flash solid-state memory to store some frequent files and the rest of SSHD made up of traditional HDD storage to store less important files like song, movies and games.

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When processer wants any file to process and if this file is frequently used and store in the SSD storage, SSD provide this file very quickly to the processor by this system performance is increased and other files are stored in the part of HDD. That’s how SSHD works.

I hope you understand what is SSHD? and how it works? if you like this article please share this with your friends. If you have any question related to this topic please comment below.

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