File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Explained! How FTP Works?

File Transfer Protocol

What Is FTP? 

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the standard internet protocol for transforming files between the client to the server. In other words, it is the commonly used protocol for exchanging files between client to the server using TCP/IP Protocol. Basically, it is a way to transfer files online. FTP is mainly used by web developers.

Ther specification on file transfer protocol was written by The Abbhay Bhushan and published as RFT 114 on April 1971.

Let’s understand FTP through a real-life example. Suppose your a web developer to create a website you need domain and hosting. The domain is the name of your website and hosting is the storage of your website, To make your website live on the internet you have to upload all your website files to the server. If your website file to the server. if your server is in another country. How can you do that? In that case you can personally go to place were you bought a server for your website, Copy all the files of your website from your pen drive to the server but it is not practically possible, Here File Transfer Protocol (FTP) help you to upload your all files to the web server without going anywhere from your personal computer.

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the oldest protocol in use today, It is a convenient way to move files for the client to the server. Lots of people will never have any use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) but if you are a web developer it is one of the most used tools for you.

How FTP Works?

File Transfer Protocol

File transfer protocol is the protocol which is mainly used for downloading/uploading of files between client to the server. It used TCP network to transfer files. File transfer protocol runs on port no 21 as default.

A client makes a TCP connection to the server (Port 21). This connection remains open for the small duration of the session and this sesion is called as control session and then FTP established another connection which is called as the Data Connection.

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The first connection Control Connection is used for downloading and uploading files between client and server. The FTP uses 4 file transfer mode ASCII, Image mode, EBCDIC mode, Local mode.

That’s How FTP Works.

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