Facebook Video monetization Is Now Available in India.

Facebook Video monetization

Facebook Video monetization Is Now Available in India. It is also known as facebook for creators or Facebook ad break, Now you can monetize your facebook video like youtube to earn money. Facebook Video monetization Support four Indian language Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali. If your videos are in English then it is also available for you. You can not monetize your personal profile through Facebook Video monetization you can only use this feature on your facebook page.

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To use Facebook Video monetization you need to fulfil the following criteria.

  1. Your video must be more than 3 min.
  2. From all your videos you need more than 30,000 views which have minimum 1 min of watch time in last 60 days.
  3. You need more than 10,000 followers on your facebook page.

If your Facebook page fulfils those rule you’re able to earn money from facebook.

Like youtube facebook also takes 45% commission from total advertising cost.

In my opinion, Facebook Video monetization is one of the best ways to earn money online. if you are the youtube you can also upload your same youtube videos on facebook. according to some of the friends who have active Facebook Video monetization on their facebook page you get 2$ to 5$ per 1000 views depending upon your category. The minimum payout of Facebook is also 100$ like youtube/Google Adsense.

If you’re the youtube creator you already have own audience who loves your contact then you can earn more money in less time from Facebook ad breaks.

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I hope you understand all the things about Facebook ad breaks. If you like this article please share this with your friends. If you any question about this topic please comment down below.

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