Dual Camera Explained! How does it work?

Dual Camera

Nowadays in lots of smartphones even in the mid-range smartphone, we get a Dual Camera, But lots of people don’t know why we need a Dual Camera, how it works? If you are one of them then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to explain everything related to Dual Camera. So let’s get started…

Dual Camera

The technology of dual camera is simple. In the dual camera, smartphones primary camera is used to capture the main image and other secondary camera is for depth sensing, wind angle shots or for the optical zoom. With the help of a telescopic lens which is in the secondary camera you can see it in the I phone 7 plus. In the Dual Camera smartphone, the second camera is used to increase the quality of the image and to provide more functionality to the user.

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The first dual camera smartphone was launched in 2011. Actually two phones HTC’s EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D. In those phones, we get the dual camera for the first time. Both of this phones are able to capture 3D images and 3D videos and you also get the 3D display with both of this phone to see this 3D images and videos. Both the camera in this phone have the same megapixel, same sensor but the angle of the angle of the second camera is the little bit changed because of this both of this smartphones are able to capture 3D images and videos. At this time a dual camera doesn’t get so much popularity because both the phone has the only 4-megapixel camera and that’s why the image quality is not so good.

In lots of phones, we get the second camera with a black and white sensor because of its dynamic range you also get better pictures in low light with the help of the black and white sensor.

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In simple words, in the dual camera technology secondary camera is the supporting hand of the primary camera. The concept of the dual camera is something to enhance the quality of the image or increase the quality of the image.

Lots of people also say that we get better images from dual camera smartphone than single camera smartphone but it is not completely true some single camera smartphone like pixel 2xl can able to capture the better image than dual camera smartphone. You can also capture the image with portrait mode in the pixel phone with a single camera with just a software configuration. So by this, you can easily understand that the quality of an image does not depend upon the dual or single camera.

Every smartphone has a different use of its secondary camera here is some type on the secondary camera sensor.

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  • Camera with the monochrome sensor
  • Camera with the depth sensor
  • Telephoto camera
  • Wild angle camera

Camera with the monochrome sensor

A monochrome sensor is a black and white sensor it is just used to capture the in-depth details of the image. this sensor also helps you to capture the better image in low light condition.

A monochrome sensor was featured in Motorola phone. both Moto Z2 force and Moto G5S plus have a common, coloured, and monochromatic sensor.

Camera with the depth sensor

As the name says this sensor dedicates to highlight the depth details of the photo, With the help of this camera you sensor you can capture the image in the famous portrait mode this sensor is added in the many famous phones secondary camera to capture the image with the blurred background.

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Telephoto camera

With the help of telephoto camera sensor, you get the option of the 2x or 5x optical zoom this sensor was featured in I phone 7plus, One plus 5T and many other smartphones.

You can also click the image in portrait mode with the help of this sensor.

Wild angle camera

Wild angle camera sensor is used to capture the wild angle shots. The dual camera present in LG G5 is wild angle while one of them is 16 MP and other is 8 MP. the second camera is the one that gives a much more open angle with its 12 millimetres.

How Dual Camera Works?

Dual Camera

The working of a dual camera is very simple when we capture the image the primary camera capture the main image and secondary camera helps the primary camera to get in-depth details, optical zoom without any quality loss or wild angle shots then both information go to the processor. The processor processes them and we get the final image. this is how Dual Camera works?

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I hope you find what you’re searching for. If you like this article about Dual Camera please share this with your friends and if you have any question related to this topic please comment below.

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