Domain Name System (DNS) Explained! The Directory of Internet

Domain Name System

At the times of landline phone every landline owners had the telephone directory beside the phone, Now both landline phones and telephone directories are out-dated but do you now in the modern world of the internet we use the same directories to manage the internet called Domain Name System (DNS). If you want to know more about Domain Name System stay tune. In this article, I am going to explain everything related to the Domain Name System, How DNS works? and much more…

What is the Domain Name System?

Every website or device which is connected to the internet has its unique IP address by this Ip address user can connect to the particular website. But we all know we human cannot easily remember the number of 12 to 30 characters, But as comper the numbers we can easily remember the words ( The name of a website) If you want to read the article on, You just type in the browser. As we already know all the web server works on the IP. Web server cant understands what is the or any other name like Here we need the DNS server to convert your words( The name of the website)  to the IP of that website so that your browser can connect with the server of the particular website.

Let’s understand Domain Name System through a real-life example.

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We all use mobiles and we have the big contact list. All the numbers in the mobile are saved by the name. When we have to call anyone we just go to phonebook of the mobile type the name and call the particular person. If you call your mom then your mobile know what is the phone number of your mom and it will automatically call on the number. You cant call anyone by just name, You need the mobile no of the particular person. This same work DNS does for us. DNS converts the name of the website to their server IP.

I hope you understand everything related to the Domain Name System. So let’s understand How DNS Work?

How DNS Work?

If you enter in your web browser, To connect with this website you need an IP address of the web server. Now your browser asks for the IP of that website to the DNS provider. Lots of companies provide the DNS even Google also provide its free DNS server. When your browser gets the IP of a website. It will connect you with the website. This is just a basic process, To know more about Working of DNS take a look at the steps in DNS lookup.

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Steps in DNS lookup

  1. User type website name ( in the browser.
  2. Your browser looks for the IP of the particular website In the DNS catche. If the IP is not found in the cache then your browser request recursive DNS server for the IP.
  3. If the recursive server doesn’t know the IP then is contact with a root name server. this is the computer which the question related to a domain name. This server doesn’t know the answer but they know where you get the answer.
  4. Then it asks to the TLD server. TLD server contact to the name server of the particular domain name. Nameserver has complete information about the specific domain name.
  5. When it gets the IP address recursive server store the IP for If some request for the same domain recursive server has the answer.
  6. A recursive server sends this IP to your browser.
  7. The browser makes an HTTP request of the particular IP and connects with the website

I hope you understand everything related to the Domain Name System. If you like this article please share this with your friends, If you have any question related to this topic please comment below.

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