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Mobile Technology

The best fast chargers for your smartphone in 2021

Fast charging is ideal when you need to power up your iPhone or Android smartphone, and these days, with modern fast chargers, there’s no need

Computing Technology

The best gaming keyboards for 2021

Although that powerful PC next to you seems like the most important aspect of a gaming setup, it’s your peripherals that you interact with on

Computing Technology

The best monitors for photo editing

Choosing a monitor for photo editing is partly about size, but it’s also about color accuracy, brightness, and contrast, which are all vital elements when

Mobile Technology

The best iOS games you can play offline on your iPhone and iPad

When you’re bored while waiting for an appointment or while riding public transit where the signal might be spotty, but you don’t want to use

Smart Home Technology

The best outdoor security cameras for 2021

Don’t give a stranger any reason to snoop around your home. Crimes such as burglary can easily be deterred by ensuring that you have all

Smart Home Technology

The best home security cameras for 2021

The best home security camera is the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera. It’s an extremely versatile camera with excellent image quality, solid app support, and

Mobile Technology

The best iPhone X battery cases for 2021

The iPhone X kickstarted a major redesign of Apple’s iPhone range, and that design is still broadly kicking about in the iPhone 12 — even

Computing Technology

The best MacBook Pro cases and covers

Let’s be real: The MacBook Pro is not a cheap accessory. When you take the plunge to purchase one, you must purchase a case. Having

Movies & TV Technology

The 39 best movies on HBO right now

It may be difficult to comprehend, but HBO is not the same as HBO Max. Instead, HBO Max is more of a streaming addition to

Gaming Technology

The best games you can play on Intel integrated graphics

Although a dedicated graphics card is considered by many to be a must-have for PC gaming, it is not as important as it once was.