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Mobile Technology

The best iPad (2018) screen protectors

The sixth-generation iPad, released in 2018, boasts a stunning 9.7-inch display that holds up very well several years after its launch. But as more and

Mobile Technology

The best Pixel 3 XL cases and covers

The Pixel 3 series is no longer the highest-end offering from Google — that’s the Pixel 4 — but it still packs a spec sheet

Mobile Technology

The best Android phones for 2021

When you’re shopping for a new Android phone, we have you covered. We test all of the best smartphones at Digital Trends to find out

Technology Web

The best subreddits you should subscribe to in 2021

Reddit — the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” — has something for everybody.  Whether your interests are popular and mainstream or niche and obscure,

Smart Home Technology

The best smart displays for 2021

Smart displays let you control your smart devices from the convenience of one central location, and they can sometimes even include cameras and controls you

Computing Technology

The best curved monitors for 2021

If you’ve never used a curved monitor before, you might not understand the hype. Much like a curved flatscreen, a curved monitor is a popular

Computing Technology

The best mesh Wi-Fi systems for 2021

If you need to improve or extend your Wi-Fi coverage, you have two options. The first is an extender, and the second is a mesh

Computing Technology

The best cheap printers for 2021

Back in the day when printers first went mainstream, many sold at extremely high prices. Today’s best printers sell at a fraction of the cost,

Computing Technology

The best laptops to buy in 2021

We’ve tested and reviewed well over 400 laptops over the years, searching for the best of the best. But to earn the crown for “best

Mobile Technology

The best travel apps for iOS and Android

The smartphone is the modern-day travel agent. From the palm of your hand, you can book flights, plan accommodations, and even reserve a seat at