Tech Clarify is a one-stop destination for in-depth information about any technical topic, on this website, we regularly publish fully explained article on the technical topic, step by step instructions on how to....? tips and trick, top list and much more on I started this website on 15 August 2018. my aim to start is to help people to get useful and in-depth information about any topic. I want to be a platform where you as the reader, can find all the answers you need on Technical Things. This is what I am aiming for and this is what is all about.

The Mind Behind Tech Clarify

Vishal Dalve

Hi, My name is Vishal Dalve. I am a blogger, web Designer and science graduate from India, After compleating 10 th I convince my parents to buy a new laptop and I get my first laptop that’s the turning point in my life, When I get my first laptop I am very enthusiastic to learn how to do anything in thing in laptop or how the gadgets works and started to read various blog. I get lots of information from this. when I am in the 2ed year of my graduate I wanted to start the blog to share my knowledge and I started, Now I am the only person who writes the article on but I want to build a team in future for this blog. my aim for is to build this blog as the platform where you as a reader can get all technical information.

For any concerns, information or help related to any topic you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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