3 Ways To Reduce Image File Size.

5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

Need to compress the image but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry in this article, I am going to tell you 3 Ways To Reduce Image File Size.

3 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

1. Using Caesium

Caesium is the free open source image compressor, It is able to reduce 90% of image size without losing quality. Caesium image compress is very useful if you need to send lots of image at once it will take lots of time if you are in slow internet connection you can do it faster by using Caesium.

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This software has a different level of compression you can use it according to your need. You can download Caesium by searching on Google. Let’s understand how you can use Caesium.

5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

  1. Open the image which you want to compress. You can also add multiple images at a time.
  2. You get your all added image in the software. Select the image you want to compress now or you can also compress all image at once.
  3. reduce the quality of the image. This will decide the size of your image.
  4. Select your output folder means to select the folder where you want to save your final compressed image.
  5. click on compress.

Its done your selected image is now successfully compressed. it will be saved in your selected output location.

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In your compressed and final image, you didn’t get so much difference. this software compress images without visible quality loss.

2. Using online compressor

There are many online image compressor available on the internet but one of the best is compressjpeg.com. On this website, you can compress Both Jpeg and png images or here we also get the option to compress the PDF. Let’s understand how you can reduce the size of the image by this method…

First, go to compressjpeg.com

5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

  1. upload you all image.
  2. this website automatically compresses the image but if you want to compress it more click on the image and scroll down you get lots of other option…

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5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

3. you can change the level of compression by this slider. Adjust the slider according to your needs and click on APPLY.

To download the image go to the top click on the DOWNLOAD button under the image and if you have more than one image you can download all in the one click by clicking on DOWNLOAD ALL.

You can use this method both on computer and Laptop.

That’s How you can reduce image file size by using an online compressor

3. Using Photoshop

Photoshop is professional phone editing software developed by Adobe Inc. You can use photoshop on both Windows and macOS. It is the professional software used for professional photo editing that’s the way it’s not free. You need to pay for that or you can also use the trial version of this software. Let’s understand how to compress the image with Photoshop…

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Download and install the photoshop on our computer. After that open the photoshop and go to the top menu click on the Image option and then you get the submenu now click on Image size. You can also open it by pressing Alt+Ctrl+I.

5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

  1. decrease the size of the image as much as possible.
  2. click on OK.
  3. Now save the image you can also do by pressing Ctrl+S. Now you get this box…

5 Ways To Reduce Image File Size

4. Decrease the quality of the image by the slider and click OK.

Now your image is successfully saved. It does not affect so much to the quality of the image but you get the shocking difference in the size of both images.

That’s how you can reduce image file size by using Photoshop.

I Hope you understand all the 3 Ways To Reduce Image File size please share this article with your friends. If you have any question about this topic please comment down below.

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