3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG.

3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG

Need to Convert a PNG image to JPG but know how to do this. Don’t worry, In this article, I am going to tell you 3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG.

3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG.

1. Using Online Converter png2jpg.com

png2jpg.com is the free online converter to convert a PNG image to JPG format. You can use it on any device like Android, Laptop, I phone, Macbook…

One of the best thing about this tool is you don’t need to enter any type of your details like E-mail or it is very easy to use.

Just go to png2jpg.com upload your PNG image it will automatically convert it to JPG and you can download it. So let’s understand how you can do it…

First, Go to png2jpg.com and your interface like this.

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3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG

Upload your PNG image, It will process your image for 1 to 3 sec and after that, your image is ready to download click on the image to download it. If you add more than 1 PNG image to convert you download it in the zip format to do that scroll down and click on DOWNLOAD ALL.

2. Using An Software PNG to JPG Converter

PNG to JPG Converter is the software developed for windows to convert a PNG image to JPG. In this software, You get lots of other option to customize your image. So let’s understand how you convert and PNG image to JPG format.

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First of all, you need to download and install the software called PNG to JPG Converter.

After installing open the software.

3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG

  1. Add your PNG image in the software.
  2. Click on convert.
  3. Select the output format.
  4. choose your destination to save the output file.
  5. Click on convert. (Start)

That’s How you can convert your PNG image to JPG by using PNG to JPG Converter.

3. Using Photoshop

Photoshop is the professional image editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It is used to edit the professional image. Photoshop is not the free software you have to pay for that or you use the trial version of the photoshop you can use it for 1 month for free.

To convert the image Download and install the Photoshop in your computer. So let’s understand how you can convert a PNG image to JPG by using Profession editing software Photoshop.

Fist open the photoshop and open you PNG image in it.

3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG

Now save this image as JPG format to do so, Go to file and click on SAVE AS.

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3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG

Here you need to select an image format to JPEG or JPG and click on save.

That’s how you can convert you PNG Image to JPG by using Photoshop.

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I hope you understand all the 3 Ways To Convert An Image From PNG To JPG. If you like this article please share this with your friends.if you have any question please comment below.

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