10 Most Useful Computer Shortcut Keys.

10 Most Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

In this article, I am going to tell you 10 Most Useful Computer Shortcut Keys that really help you to increase the speed of your working. So let’s get started…

10 Most Useful Computer Shortcut Keys

1. Alt+Tab

If you’re using lots of programs at one time in your pc and need to switch between them then what will you do? In Normal condition, you will switch it by using the mouse by click on the icon at the taskbar. You can do this same thing by pressing Alt+Tab.

Alt+Tab is the shortcut key which is used to switch between the currently opened program.

2. Alt+F4

Suppose you are reading a PDF in any pdf viewer and now you have to close this how can you do this. In the normal condition, you can close it by using a mouse by clicking on the cross icon at the corner. You can do this same thing by press Alt+F4. If you press this key when you don’t have any opened software or program you will get the option to shut down your pc.

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3. Win+D

Win+D is the shortcut key which is used to minimize all the currently opened program. If your working in the lots of programs and suddenly you need to go on the desktop then you can use Win+D.

4. Ctrl+Z & Ctrl+Y

Ctrl+Z & Ctrl+Y is the keys which are used to undo and redo the last operation. If you type anything wrong you go by pressing Ctrl+Z and you can redo this by using Ctrl+Y.

5. Alt+Enter

When you have to open the properties on any file or program how can you do that, In normal condition lots of people simply right click on the program and select properties. This process is very time-consuming. You can do this same thing by press Alt+Enter.

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6. Shift+Delete

Shift+Delete have very basic use but lots of people don’t know this. This shortcut key is used to permanently delete selected files. if you delete anything by just pressing delete key it is not permanently deleted. It will go to the recycle bin but if you delete it by pressing Shift+Delete this will be permanently deleted.

7. Ctrl+Mouse Click

If you have to select some random files from list how can you do this? You can do this by simply pressing Ctrl and click on those files. Without holding a Ctrl key you can not select more than one random file from the list.

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8. F2

If you want to rename any file or folder how can you do that? When you right click on a file you get the option to rename the file. You can do this same work by just pressing F2 on a desktop, if you are using the laptop you need to press Fn+F2.

9. Ctrl+A

Ctrl + A is the shortcut key which is used to select all the available files/video from the opened folder or select the complect text document.

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10. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X & Ctrl+V

If you want to copy cut and paste any file how can you do this? when you right click on the file you get the option to copy cut and paste but this method is little time to consume you can simply do this by pressing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X & Ctrl+V respectively.

All the above shortcut keys are very useful. I hope you like this article about 10 Most Useful Computer Shortcut Keys. If you like this article please share this with your friends or if you have any question please comment below.

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