Megapixel Explained! What is megapixel of the human eye?



A “Megapixel” is a short form of Million Pixels. 1 Megapixel is equal to 1 million pixels. That means a 1-megapixel camera contains 1 million pixels on his sensor. Now you need to know What is the pixel? An image sensor in the camera consists of millions of small pixels. Every pixel on the sensor able to store information like colour, light..etc. By combining all those information we get a final image. I hope you understand what is Megapixel and Pixel.

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Do more Megapixels mean better photo quality?:

The camera is made upon thousands of tiny pixels. More Megapixel means higher image resolution. Megapixels is just a unit, Actual quality of a photo is depends upon the camera sensor, processor and optical quality of a lens, Those all things play equally important roles.


The other elements determine the quality of photos and prints is Good lighting on a subject, sensor size(Bigger is better), size of pixels, dynamic range, bitrate, chroma subsampling, lens choice, expose triangle and Proper focus and exposure. For best result must shoot at highest resolution and quality camera settings. If you take a look at the two popular smartphones Google Pixel 2 XL and Honor 7X. Google Pixel 2 XL comes with 12.2MP primary camera and Honor 7X comes with 16MP + 2MP dual primary camera but you can take better images from Pixel phone than Honor. Because the Pixel phone has a bigger image sensor. So that’s why more megapixels mean better photo quality is not true. Megapixel play important role in image quality but only the camera with more megapixels can’t capture good images.

How Many Megapixels Do You Really Need?:

This is based on your uses. In my opinion, Either focusing on Megapixel my suggestion is to look for a better sensor better sensor means better image quality. Otherwise, 12 to 13 MP of the camera is sufficient for normal use. If you are a pro person and going to buy a camera for professional work then you can research on google.

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What is Megapixel of the human eye?:

The Megapixels of the human eye is 576. But only 7 megapixels of these 576 Megapixels matter. Because while we have a 180-degree field of vision, we can only detect high resolution 2 degrees from the centre called Foveal vision.

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